Capacity Planner

Category : Manufacturing
Location/City : GA - Mableton
Id : 38462

We are seeking a Capacity Planner to join our team. The Capacity Planner will be responsible for determining the production capacity needed by an organization to meet changing demands for its products. You must also understand how the business operates and plans for future capacity requirements. Lastly, you will be planning activities to ensure targets are met and optimizes manufacturing efficiency, stock levels and costs.
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Five Things Our Employee Handbook Won't Tell You
The buck stops with you: Analyzing appropriate information and data in order to prepare schedules, plans and forecasts.
Keep walking if: You don't have the ability to assess existing capacity and draw up forecasts based on future plans for demand.
Water cooler one liners: You got management skills?
Fringe benefits: All the caffeine you can dream of.
How to tell you are kicking @$$ after 30 days: You have been actively contributing to the development and support of capacity planning processes, tools and techniques and look at ways to make continuous improvements.
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Job Duties & Responsibilities
  • Ensure that appropriate capacity plans are in place and assist with the development of these services in the organization
  • Create capacity plans which meet business targets and optimize manufacturing efficiency and costs
  • Refine systems and methods to continually improve plans so that the organization can better anticipate customer needs
  • Manage deviations from the plan that have financial impact
  • Monitor key manufacturing processes for capacity and demand, identify capacity constraints and provide analysis
  • Continually monitor and review plans and make appropriate adjustments in the event of changes or unforeseen circumstances
  • Review data and trends and diagnose problems and concerns
  • Reconcile variances from original plans and maintain a view of actual against forecast projections
  • Actively contribute to the development and support of capacity planning processes, tools and techniques and look at ways to make continuous improvements
  • Identify improvement initiatives that optimize capacity without adding risk or disruption and which add value

Skills & Qualifications
  • Professional accreditation with an industry related body
  • Previous experience in a capacity planning role, preferably within the apparel and/or manufacturing environment
  • Good understanding of the apparel industry and knowledge of production processes and capacity planning
  • Demonstrable experience in statistics, forecasting and management information methods and techniques
  • Bachelor's degree or the equivalent combination of education, training, or work experience
  • Previous experience of building capacity/forecasting models and plans and undertaking complex analysis to create information
  • Highly developed numeracy, statistical and reporting skills with the ability to analyze, interpret and manage information, data and trends
  • Commercial and financial acumen with a full understanding of the impact of failure in terms of business cost, production schedules and customer order fulfillment

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