Dear Kinetix…

Dear Kinetix…

Are you confused about RPO? Not sure who this “purple squirrel” is that everyone keeps talking about? Maybe you just have a general question about best HR practices.

Whatever you are wondering, we’ve got you covered

Starting in April, we will be launching our first “Dear Kinetix” blog post! Kinetix experts will be taking real questions about the industry from our social media followers, and answering them on our Tremendous Upside blog.

This is where you come in

 Have a question brewing already? You’ve come to the right place.  

 Here’s how it works:

  1. Follow us on your favorite social channel (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  2. Direct message us with your inquiry
  3. Sign off with your pseudo-name of choice ( ex. Signed, “Hopeful HR Rep”, or “Lost in Applications”)
  4. Watch our social feed for the blog post with our answers, and look for your question!

The Best Part: It’s Our Little Secret

By direct messaging us, no one knows you asked the question. We keep it cool and confidential, leaving your credibility intact.

Pretty sweet – right?

So let us put our years of HR and recruiting wisdom to work for you!





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