Design Engineer

Category : Manufacturing
Location/City : IL - Des Plaines
Id : 43097

We are seeking a Design Engineer to join our growing operation. You will be focused on new product development and design of product including part assembly and detailed part drawings, working in an electronic environment. Additionally, leading Product Design and development projects, building and testing prototypes.
Five Things Our Employee Handbook Won't Tell You

Why you're right for this job: You are ready to Learn about project management and how other departments including marketing, manufacturing and technology work within the process
Keep walking if: you don't think you can lead Product Design and development projects, building and testing prototypes.
Fringe benefit: You have experience in stamping, drawing, casting and extruding of metals and plastics.
Nerd Alert: You are Proficient in LEAN & Six Sigma methodology and practices such as standard work, time study, cause & effect, 5WHY analysis and other tools of DMAIC
It's not all puppies and rainbows: You will be required to attends or lead team meetings on the product delivery system for each major product.

Because Life is Better With Bullet Points
Job Duties & Responsibilities
  • Design process including the development of part geometry, assembly design and drawing generation, problem jobs or field fixes
  • Develops and distributes engineering data in the form of Engineering Change Notices, bills of material and parts tracking
  • Concept Development; initiating and developing concepts for new products from Project Charters, and Specification Matrix provided by the Product Manager and other avenues such as reviewing competitor's samples and documentation, and free design techniques

Skills & Qualifications
  • 3+ years of Process Engineering experience
  • Experience with AutoCAD
  • Knowledge of UL and UL testing processes preferred

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