Manufacturing Engineer

Category : Other
Location/City : CA - North Hollywood
Id : 37422

We are looking for a Manufacturing Engineer to provide for the planning and implementation of projects, processes, methods and instructions for manufacturing. Our product lines cover virtually every aerospace fastening application, we produce fasteners, precision components, tooling, and engineered system solutions for the automotive, defense, industrial machinery, and other performance-driven markets.
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Four Things Our Employee Handbook Won't Tell You

The buck stops with you: At this specific facility, the facility manufactures fastening systems with superior locking devices for critical requirements including engine module assembly, structural assembly, rotor blade attachment, and aircraft engine shaft and spindle applications.
Keep walking if: If you aren't proficient in CNC programming.
Fringe benefit: We are committed to creating a work environment that people can do their best and find meaning.
Things You Can't Google About this Role: Operations at the location include: CNC Machining, CNC Waterjet Cutting, Laser Marking, Heat Treating, NDT, and EDM

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Job Duties & Responsibilities
  • Develop and write detailed instructions for the manufacture of products
  • Analyze production data
  • Look for trends indicating potential problems and develop solutions for potential problems
  • Provide process control systems in the form of instructions, standards, data collection and feedback loops

Skills & Qualifications
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel required, CAD software a plus
  • Four-year degree in Engineering or Technology: including industrial, manufacturing or mechanical engineering
  • Must have the ability to reason and arrive at conclusions with minimum help and have basic understanding of statistics


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