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Marketing Coordinator #forrealthough
Your career is about to blow up (in a good way).
Kinetix is looking for a Marketing Coordinator with big skills (or big potential) in content ideation, creation and distribution (not to mention analytics) in the employment branding and human capital space. That content comes in all forms-video, audio, visual, written (especially written!).
Not sure what content ideation/creation/distribution means? Probably not the gig for you. Did you even Google it?
What You Won't Find in Our Training Manual

Why you want this job: Because you're the best and want to be associated with the best. It's just basic high school politics.
It will go better if: You're a self-starter with the ability to take direction and run with it.
How to tell if you're kicking @$$ after 90 days: You've replaced conventional communication channels and have gone straight up webcam for communicating with clients. You'll want to start that Crest Whitening Strip routine now.
Fringe benefits: Access to a killer library of thought leadership articles, authored by one of the managing partners. His brain has been picked and prodded so much over the years that his thoughts just fall out in the form of stylized pdfs, for your disposal.
Brown nose your manager: With a variety 6-pack of local craft brew and a couple tix to the next Brandi Carlile concert in town-intimate venues only, please. Just sayin'.

Job Duties & Responsibilities
  • Manage all activity for up to 10 clients who rely on Kinetix to lead their digital content strategies, both from a content-based marketing perspective and digital distribution/engagement
  • Own the monthly content mapping process that drives our delivery of content-based marketing strategies
  • Create fresh ideas daily designed to fill up that content bucket and manage all details related to getting those ideas across the finish line
  • Write great copy designed to provoke those involved in the recruiting/human capital industry (which is all of us, right?)
  • Manage all social channels for clients in client-appropriate voice
  • Other more mundane duties as assigned in your role as a marketing coordinator. You're a coordinator, so busy work is going to come around. Deal with it. Please?

Skills & Qualifications
  • Write like Michael Lewis on a three-day RedBull binge
  • Be able to change writing voice as quickly as a chameleon changes colors when it dropped on orange shag carpet
  • Be able to produce video and audio projects like it's your job-it is
  • Be able to "own" projects and drive them to completion
  • Google Analytics much? This job isn't all about the words, my friend. Marketing=numbers
  • Complete comfort with the big four social tools (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
  • Curiosity on new technology (including video) and a history of learning complex things over a long weekend
  • Detail orientation to balance out the low rules people we have floating around without making them hate you
  • Ability to weave current and past pop culture/sports/political references into everything you do and the content you create

That wasn't enough detail for you, was it? All you had to do was ask, Sparky. Here are 20 more bullets that get into the "other duties as assigned by Supervisor." If you're still unsure what the role does after reading this, look away. Reading it a second time might make you blind:
  • B2B Marketing type with B2C flair - winning combo of details and personality
  • Solid Gut Ability to understand and interpret information and feel comfortable acting or making sound judgment calls at times without consulting leadership first. If all else fails, Google it
  • Enjoy the taste of irony water streaming through the fire hose
  • Not camera shy - both in front and on the tech side
  • Consummate calendar junkie
  • Comfortable living the "profersoanal" life - meaning we're going to ask you to promote the Kinetix brand via your personal Twitter account
  • Assist with day-to-day social media strategy execution and efforts for client(s)
  • Conduct daily media monitoring as well as researches articles, reports and social media trends
  • Creates and distributes client specific newsletter
  • Prepares monthly media report on assigned clients
  • Drafts articles, blog posts, press releases, and other thought leaders or announcements for assigned clients
  • Works with client to acquire marketing collateral, images, logos, media footages, etc. for use in marketing efforts
  • Working knowledge and understanding of social media platforms and established social media presence on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Manage social media properties, accounts and profiles, including daily engagement, posts, and content development
  • Build brand awareness of client(s) through increased social media followers
  • Stay abreast to online and social trends, and assess new opportunities/tools for Kinetix to explore - compiles a report to Marketing team with findings
  • Ability to communicate effectively with senior members of Kinetix and client staff
  • Ability to perform research, creative writing and related activities in varying topics in the Human Capital Arena
  • An interest in learning blogging and content management platforms coupled with the ability to navigate and adopt new technology with limited training
  • Have the ability to create good working relationships, internal and external-ability to work well independently and with a team
  • Willingness to take ownership and pull key players together for desired results
  • Strong desire to learn and stay abreast of new and emerging trends of this dynamic landscape
  • Prospect management up to and including lead generation, sorting, profiling and data mining on whitepaper campaign cycles

Bonus Skills: We'll Take'em If You've Got'em
  • Bachelor's degree or its equivalent from a four-year college or university in marketing, communications or a related field
  • 1-2 years of digital and social media or public relations/communications experience
  • Working knowledge of design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects and InDesign and file/asset manipulation
  • Familiarity with website Content Management Systems (CMS) and project management; html and css
  • Any coding experience is a big plus

PS: No freaks.
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