Marketing Implementation Manager

Category : Sales & Marketing
Location/City : GA - Atlanta
Id : 42796

Are you a marketing whiz with a passion for planning? We are on the hunt for our next Implementation Manager, someone who can masterfully manage all new account onboarding activities, while also maintaining a high-level of customer service AND spinning a basketball on their finger… we're totally kidding about the basketball part, but how cool would that be?!
Think you've got the chops?
Five Things Our Employee Handbook Won't Tell You

Why You're Right For This Gig: You are a branding buff who can create recruitment marketing magic from a blank slate.
Keep Walking If: You don't play well with others, this role requires close collaboration with other team members and killer client service skills.
What's In The Kool-Aid: As a team we work hard AND play hard, meaning that our many successes come with well-deserved celebrations.
Nerd Alert: You've successfully set up an Instagram account for your pet that showcases a healthy posting cadence and an impressive follower count.
Got Milk: You'll help new accounts grow big and strong by applying your kick@$$ relationship building skills and thorough attention to detail throughout the entire onboarding process.

Because Life is Better with Bullet Points
Job Duties & Responsibilities
  • Develop client goals and value propositions into initial engaging employer branding launch strategies
  • Collaborate with new clients to create content maps that span across multiple platforms
  • Manage the overall social media account creation process for multiple clients simultaneously
  • Maintain strong client relationships that allow for new ideas and powerful results
  • Own and measure the progress of all content creation leading up to, and directly following the initial client launch
  • Oversee and manage the website creation process

Skills & Requirements
  • Proven success creating and managing content plans
  • Working knowledge of best content marketing practices via website, social media and other applicable platforms
  • Customer service experience required
  • 1-2 Years of experience in marketing or related field

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