On-Site Support Engingeer

Category : Information Technology
Location/City : CO - Denver
Id : 42504

We are searching for an On-Site Support Engineer. This contractor position will work for a company that manages over 55 million devices deployed in 22 countries across three continents. The ideal candidate is a problem solver with a drive to help improve communication service providers' profitability, time-to-market, and customer experience.
It takes more than a pretty face to land this gig…
Five Things You Can't Google About This Role

Quote you might hear from your boss: Make it work, people.
Don't apply if you can't: Speak English and Spanish.
How to brown nose the boss: Show off your problem solving skills.
Build your street cred by: Being a Red Hat Linux administrator.
Why you're right for the role: You don't just want to make the trains run on time; you want to make them run faster and better.

Our Lawyer Said We Had To Include Bullet Points In Order To Call This A Job Posting
Job Duties & Responsibilities
  • Establish effective communication and build customer trust
  • Assist escalation of any case effectively
  • Report improvement opportunities with high frequency
  • Review and correct root cause reports
  • Organize training courses and tech talks
  • Check the quality of root cause reports
  • Have the technical ability and attitude to assist the Professional Services area

Skills & Requirements
  • Database experience (SQL, MongoDB, Oracle)
  • Knowledge of networks (Optics to Coaxial, DNS Server, Docsis)
  • Customer Facing ability
  • Red Hat Linux administrator
  • Ability to travel International for training and occasional trips
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish

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