always be

Your company has an unique spot in the employment food chain. Whether you’re the equivalent of Coke, Pepsi or Diet Fresca in your industry, there’s a pecking order related to who really wants to work for you.

That’s why Kinetix recruiters are trained to close on your behalf, selling who you are regardless of where you fall on the food chain. The ability to “Always Be Closing” at your company comes down to three things:

  • Career Opportunity – Where someone can go if they join your team.
  • Culture – What’s unique about your organization and how it matches the worldview of the candidate.
  • Money – What’s it going to take to sign the talent you need.

Kinetix recruiters start framing the money issue on the first call to candidates, because our research shows that early action maximizes the close rate once offer time rolls around.

Once compensation is a match, our recruiters become career agents for the candidates they talk to, comparing and contrasting what you can provide with what the candidate wants – all  while keeping the client’s best interests at heart.

Sit back and have a sip of that Diet Fresca. We’ve got this.

 Click here to download a copy of Kris Dunn’s presentation on “Negotiation Skills for HR Pros” at the SHRM Annual Conference.


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