area code

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 1.52.10 PMWe’re going to bring you great candidates. But we’re also here to help you cut through all the stuff that doesn’t matter and get to what’s real when handling the interview feedback loop and the hire/don’t hire decision.

We call it Area Code Hiring and it’s brutally simple, but deep enough to add maximum value.  As part of our RPO solution, our recruiters will lead a brief but valuable debrief session with everyone who interviewed a candidate for an open position, ensuring groupthink is minimized and all valuable feedback is considered.

The sessions take as little as 10 minutes. All your managers have to do itand they have a little fun.

Everyone gets Area Codes. You’ll soon understand why the best candidates are nicknamed “Raleigh” (area code 919) and the worst ones are tagged “DC” (202).

You? If you’re this deep into our site, we’ll probably call you Brooklyn (718).

Download the Kinetix Whitepaper, “Area Code Hiring.”

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