Funnel 2“I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.”

–Steven Wright

Recruiting is Sales. Our RPO reporting stack is designed to give you a view of the recruiting funnel for every position—visibility that is key to you being in control.

Our reporting capabilities typically center around a monthly business review/progress report, and in addition to a recruiting funnel for each active position, you can expect reports of all the usual metrics and ties to SLAs on the Kinetix side (time to fill, candidate funnels, offer acceptance rate, cost per hire, etc.).

When it comes to reporting our progress, we typically find that Kinetix wants to report more than our clients want to review the data, so we adjust over time to a cadence that suits your culture and believe that simple is better.

Speaking of simple—we also use something called the Screen/Show/Hire Statement, and it’s designed to show you how healthy the Kinetix process is across your company, or within individual hiring areas.

Example: “We screen 49 candidates, show you 6, you hire 1.”

Those numbers mean (for the client in question, or in the area in question) we would make 6 submittals, and out of those 6 submittals, 1 hire is made. It’s a great way to top line the health of a recruiting practice,.

Numbers never lie. But deeper conversations usually result from good reporting.

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