deep sourcing
deep sourcingThe Purple Squirrel. At Kinetix, that term refers to the perfect candidate in a hopelessly difficult search.

Jaded people often use the phrase in a derogatory manner, as if to imply the perfect candidate doesn’t exist. Well, they probably don’t believe in unicorns, either—and we have one in our office.

We expect all of our recruiters to be hunters rather than farmers. That means every Kinetix recruiter is expected to do the following on every search:

– Map out a sourcing strategy detailing what they’re going to do to market the position to candidates who might not otherwise be aware of the opportunity, and

– Add USCs to every hiring funnel they’re responsible for.  What’s a USC? We call them Uniquely Sourced Candidates, and our recruiters are responsible for ensuring that every position worked includes candidates that they found and recruited that wouldn’t have naturally applied.

Our ability to recruit on behalf of your company is only as good as our ability to find candidates that others can’t find.  We hate the post and pray model and believe in the need to build pipelines for positions that will have multiple hiring needs over time.

Purple Squirrels are real. You just have to know where to look.

VIDEO: Listen to Kinetix recruiters talk about their favorite ways to source candidates!

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