If you’re looking for a recruiting partner, there’s an iScreen-Shot-2015-01-08-at-9.58.56-AM-600x307mportant question you need to ponder:

“Are you looking for a resume slinger, or do you want a targeted approach to your search needs?”

Resume slingers aren’t hard to find. Call up five contingency search firms and sign them all up for a single search. Let them race to flood your inbox with resumes.

How’s that working out for you?

At Kinetix, we’ve got the analytical tools to have educated opinions about the marketplace for the talent you’re looking for. That means we enter the search process understanding what it will cost, where to look and who’s looking for the same thing in your specific industry and geographical area.

Combine those tools with our intake process and sourcing discipline, and it stands to reason our recruiters will have opinions about where your search process stands and what to do next.

You want educated opinions rather than resume slingers, right?

Of course you do. Call us today and we’ll give you an honest take on the candidate you’re looking for

 Click here to ask for a free market analysis (compensation, available candidates, average time to fill) for a job you’re looking to fill.

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