Full Cycle RPO

Want to know how RPO works? We thought you’d never ask.

The Kinetix RPO model is the perfect choice for when you need to make the strategic decision to outsource some or all or your recruiting function. If you’re experiencing strong growth in your hiring needs, or feel your recruiting function could use an assist, we’re a great partner for you.

This is how we do RPO:

  • We start by framing where you need help. We have clients who outsource all or part of their recruiting function. We’re flexible like that.
  • Once the scope is defined, we create a handmade cocktail of people, workflow and technology that helps you find candidates you couldn’t find before and hire them faster than your HR department could on three Red Bulls and a Venti from Starbucks.
  • Kinetix RPO recruiters become part of your team, working with hiring managers and handling talent acquisition from posting to selectionand everything in betweenall under your company’s brand.
  • Depending on your current situation, you may see your total recruiting costs drop faster than the value of a Pontiac Aztek after you drive it off the lot while improving quality and speed of hire.
  • If you’ve got the need, we’ll add world-class features like our TalentDNA Assessment and Career Site/Employment Brand management, without anyone ever knowing that you’re backed by hired guns.

We can hire great people faster than you. Call us and let’s get it started.

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