copKnow any “Cops” that live in HR?

The modern day HR Department is moving away from process and transactions. But you knew that, right?

What’s probably keeping you up at night is how to transition from a HR function dedicated to policy, procedures and rules to one that’s designed to give business leaders what they need—smart, flexible solutions to the people and talent issues they face.

Say hello to the 9 Faces of HR. It’s the Kinetix way of absolutely nailing who you are and what you want to be as an HR function.

The 9 Faces of HR maps your entire HR organization into an easy to visualize map of 9 profiles/personas. We look at each HR team member’s career level, then evaluate factors like Rules and Detail Orientation, Assertiveness and Cognitive Processing Speed to accurately tag them with a profile/persona.

Successful HR Transformation starts with understanding who’s on the team. Call us and we’ll introduce you some HR faces you know (The Cop, The Judge) and some you don’t (The Assassin, Gandhi). You’ll be shaking your head in agreement 10 minutes into our first conversation.

Click here to download a copy of Kris Dunn’s keynote presentation on the 9 Faces of HR at the Garden State SHRM Annual Conference (Atlantic City).

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