You already know what’s wrong with most training you send your managers to. You sign your managers up for a session on Leadership – maybe at a 3.5-star hotel with some standard meeting space and one of those BOSS Logo 3fake Starbucks named “Coffee Town”. The description looks great, but – wait for it – your managers come back to the office, put the binder they received on the shelf, and make NO CHANGES related to how they manage people on a day to day basis.

We think there’s a better way, and that’s why Kinetix has invested in developing our own training platform for managers of people. We call it BOSS: Leadership Skills for the Modern Manager, and it’s designed to cut through the boredom usually associated with manager training.

Modules include sessions on Building Better Teams, Goal Setting, Coaching Skills, Delivering Performance Reviews, Compensation 101 for Managers and more (But we use non-clinical titles like Pop The Hood, Don’t Bore Me, Please Shut Up, You Don’t Suck and Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems).

We keep the non-traditional vibe and accompanying engagement levels up by using movie clips tied to the theme at the start of each section, providing Spotify playlists tied to the training and making sure interaction happens throughout the sessions.

How do you know it works?  We include something we call “The Playbook”, which is a short list of specific things your manager should be able to do once they come back from a “Boss” session. You can test them – they’ll be ready!

Fill out the form below to download the table of contents and two sections from “Please Shut Up: Coaching Skills for Managers” (one of multiple modules from our BOSS Leaderships Skills Series).

Click here to download the Table of Contents and Two Sections from “Please Shut Up: Coaching Skills for Managers” (one of multiple modules from our BOSS Leadership Skills Series”

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