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DB HeadshotDavid Bach joined Kinetix in July of 2016 after building and running Talent Acquisition for a publicly traded company for three years. Prior to that, David spent several years with two Fortune 500 Staffing & Recruiting companies. David comes to Kinetix with notable staffing experience within the areas of professional resourcing, project solutions, and direct hire across multiple professional disciplines.

At Global Power, David took great strides to develop a “best in class” recruiting organization.  He redefined the branding and marketing strategy of the organization, delivered and integrated multiple technology platforms to drive efficiencies in recruiting, and built a team of recruiting professionals that delivered top talent under the tight deadlines that exist in the power generation industry.

David also spent several years at Experis, where he was Managing Director, responsible for several recruiting teams that placed highly skilled professionals in the areas of Engineering, Information Technology, and Accounting & Finance. He successfully led the company’s efforts in the creation of a start-up initiative to deliver direct hire solutions for clients in the Southeast US Market. Prior to Experis, David was a Recruiting Manager for Robert Half International.

David holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management of Technology from Wentworth Institute of Technology and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Georgia State University.

He resides in Cumming, GA with his wife Jennifer and daughter Emerson Grace.

5 Questions with David Bach

  1. First thing that comes to your mind when I say this: “RPO works because ____…” First thing. Don’t plan it. What if I told you that your company could improve internal processes while adding a bunch of agency minded, high sense of urgency, kick ass recruiters to help your company hire faster and better? Oh, and I almost forgot, be more cost effective than either of those other options… Yeah, that’s why it works.
  1. Who are your favorite two recruiters – RPO, sports, entertainment, whatever – and what makes them rock stars from a recruiting perspective? Kris Dunn and I actually did a podcast about this that you can find here: https://soundcloud.com/kinetixhr. To me, Nick Saban and John Calipari come to mind. Two guys at the top of their game in their respective sports when it comes to recruiting. What sets them apart is that they have developed a culture and a system around their programs. People flock to them because they want to be a part of that. It’s never been about one individual to them.
  1. A great tradition in Major League Baseball is that each batter for the home team gets to pick his own intro music as he’s walking up to the plate. If you could choose a song to play as you entered the Kinetix HQ, what would it be and why: Foo Fighters – Everlong. 90’s alternative gets me pumped up, and I have to stay true to my roots.
  1. Describe your first car to us. God, please let it be a junker that embarrasses you: Gold 1997 Chrysler Concord. Came loaded with what I believe were faux leather seats, a cassette deck and two front tire rods that would blow out every 10k miles.
  1. Give it up – 2 things that the last 10 people you’ve talked to outside of Kinetix don’t know about you: 
  1. This could get dangerous… From 2004-2007 I was very involved as a singer-songwriter in the Atlanta music scene. Not a lot of venues around town that I haven’t performed at, at least once. I believe that I’ve successfully erased a majority of that persona from the web, but you may be able to find one or two remnants. If Kinetix Karaoke ever happens, I’ll be ready.
  2. I didn’t own a passport until I was 27, and have only traveled to three countries outside of the US with two of them being Canada and Mexico. I guess I just really like America… sorry, not sorry.