Kipli Storey is the Vice President of Administration at Kinetix. Prior to joining the team at Kinetix in 2013, Kipli was a Vice President of Operations and Business Development for Snapfinger, Vice President of People Services for Church’s Chicken, Director of Shared Services for Randstad, Director of Business Services for Spherion and a First Vice President for Suntrust Banks.

Kipli holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources from the University of Georgia.

5 Questions with Kipli Storey

1. Finish this sentence: “People want to hang out with me because…”:

I’m funny… and edgy. Plus, Ellen DeGeneres has nothing on me… but money (and a mansion in Malibu).

2. Give it up—2 things that the people outside of Kinetix don’t know about you:

I’ve owned 42 cars but not a Porsche like Ellen. I have a bulldog that is a great granddaughter of UGA5. Her name is Betty Lee. She is named after my mother-in-law… not sure my mother-in-law took that quite as the compliment it was intended as!

3. Describe your first car to us. God, please let it be a junker that embarrasses you: 

OK… before, a little backdrop as a short disclaimer—I grew up in Southern California and it was 1976—it was a baby blue 1970 VW Bug. It had snow-covered mountaintops painted on each door, and personalized “KIPLI” license plates and the 8-track player was awesome! (See, I told you the disclaimer was needed).

4. What’s your favorite HR/recruiting buzzword to openly mock and why? 

It would have to be “Results Driven.” Seriously, doesn’t everyone think they are results driven? If they don’t… do we really want them on our team?

5. Let’s face it – there’s a lot of humanity out there in the recruiting scene. What’s the sure sign in the first 3 minutes you interview a candidate that it’s not going to happen? 

Candidates that appear disinterested or talk negatively about current and/or previous employers/coworkers is a sure sign that they are not “Kinetix” material. So, I make sure not to waste a lot of time trying to make them “fit.”

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