specialty recruitersScreen Shot 2015-04-29 at 4.16.57 PMWhen you work with most RPO firms, they’ll hand off the hard workthe actual recruitingto generalist recruiters without any experience in the area of need along with the following encouragement:

“Good luck, kids! Don’t screw it up!”

Not so at Kinetix. Our integrated model including Staffing & Recruiting (in addition to RPO) allows us to build teams of recruiters by specialty and functional area. This approach allows us to keep those folks busy in their specialty until you have a need—then they bounce over to deliver a critical hire in their area of skill specialty for you in significantly less time than it takes a generalist recruiter.

That means for any open position, you get the Kinetix recruiter with the best chance of nailing the search. No other RPO firm does this like we do it, and we’re happy to push recruiters to your account that specialize in your positional needs.

We think that’s a significant tactic, and we’re the only ones doing it.

VIDEO: See Kinetix Recruiters In Their Natural Habitat!

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