Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 1.48.49 PMAll searches we launch include a behavioral assessment platform we lovewe call it TalentDNA, and it features eight capabilities mapped for every candidate who comes through our process. Capabilities include Cognitive Processing Speed, Assertiveness, Rules Orientation, Detail Orientation, Sensitivity, People Orientation, Team Orientation and Faking Good.

That’s right. Faking Good. You know you love the sound of that. Think of it as a coachability index for anyone you bring into the organization.

We use TalentDNA to create a behavioral map at the start of each search to hone in on what the hiring manager is truly looking for, then prevent false positives as result.

False positives in your hiring process equals turnover. TalentDNA helps us prevent bad hires.

Partner with Kinetix and we’ll help you figure out what makes a candidate tickbeyond what you see on the resume.

Download the Kinetix Whitepaper on TalentDNA, “Would You Hire OJ?”



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