Internal Recruiter

Category : Human Resources
Location/City : GA - Atlanta
Id : 31378

We are on the lookout for an internal recruiter that works well in a dynamic, goal-oriented environment. The right candidate will possess a "can-do" attitude, be willing to hit the ground (and phones!) running and have the skills necessary to outwardly display our brand in their talent acquisition process.

This is an in-house position with Kinetix - that means we're looking for top-notch talent to join our team. We're looking for someone to read between the bullets; Someone who works hard and values getting stuff done; Someone who fully embraces the way we do business around here and can articulate to candidates what it means to bleed orange; Someone who won't shy away from herding the cats that are our leadership team, keeping them focused, yet being flexible to shift gears when needed.

Sound like you? Keep reading if you think you've got what it takes...

What You Won't Find in Our HR Manual
Why you want this job: Because you're the best and want to be associated with the best. It's just basic high school politics
How to tell if you're kicking @$$ after 90 days: You've built a talent pool of top notch candidates ready to go when we have new opportunities
Degrees of separation from the CEO: Have you ever heard the expression, "like white on rice?" Well that's our CEO in a nutshell. She's dedicated to the game and is looking for someone with the same level of passion for talent acquisition to join our recruiting team. We're not trying to scare you off—just big believers in absolute transparency
Fringe benefits: Access to an amazing library of thought leadership articles, authored by one of the managing partners. His brain has been picked and prodded so much over the years that his thoughts just fall out in the form of stylized PDFs, for your disposal
Work Hard and Prosper: One word, 5 syllables- Meritocracy. Definition- perform well and you will be rewarded from a career perspective

Job Duties & Responsibilities
  • Deliver the best pipeline of candidates for our team to further establish a positive and capable opinion of the Kinetix brand
  • Exhibit our recruiting standards when sourcing and communicating with future candidates
  • Drive intake meetings, manage expectations and provide guidance to hiring managers
  • Maintain a "can do" attitude, offering unique and creative approaches to finding the best people
  • Use system reports to track your weekly progress on goal completion and identify bottlenecks in your process
  • Compile weekly requisition reports for presentation to your manager
  • Master the intricacies of an applicant tracking system

Skills & Requirements
  • Experience in managing behavioral interviewing processes
  • Strong handle on social media resources/outlets and the role they play in the evolving recruiting landscape and be able to utilize them in your search process
  • Corporate background preferred
  • Blessed with the gift of gab and able to start and end their day pounding the phones, leaving no candidate stone unturned
  • You're a true team player who isn't afraid to run a few two-a-days
  • Experience managing a high volume requisition load

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