Senior ERM Analyst

Category : Information Technology
Location/City : GA - Atlanta
Id : 41818

We're looking for a candidate with a technical background and is looking to transition into a more functional role in a high-availability and disaster recovery projects. You'll provide close oversight to critical technology risk projects for our candidate and function as the Senior Enterprise Risk Management Analyst.
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Why you want this job: You'll enjoy the challenges and successes of enterprise IT development and you'll help implement the latest technologies and strategies to drive success and progression.
Why you're right for the job: You're a detailed oriented person with innovative problem-solving skills.
Keep walking if: We're not looking for Project Managers, Auditors or Disaster Recovery Planners
Nerd Alert: Do things like the 7 layers of the OSI Model excite you? How about defining AAS vs SAAS?
It's not all puppies and rainbows: You'll have to have great communication and people skills to ensure multilevel comprehension and execution of strategies.

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Job Duties & Responsibilities
  • Detecting risk and tracking risk projects of various enterprise units and their infrastructure
  • Coordinating turnover sessions with operations team
  • Consulting with project teams on various aspects of technology to keep the project in line with operational standards and identifying and communicating risks and potential implications from inception, to go live, into ongoing operation support

Skills & Requirements
  • Experience and knowledge of enterprise IT as well as business structure
  • SME for operational questions for projects within numerous business units
  • Experience providing accurate documentation, such as server configuration tables, transaction flows, recovery and fail over instructions while coordination turnover sessions with operation teams
  • Diverse technology exposure- from AWS Cloud Infrastructure, to remote serves in data center
  • Payment industry experience is a plus

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