Senior Project Engineer – Tooling and Fitting

Category : Manufacturing
Location/City : CA - Gardena
Id : 37974

We are seeking a Senior Project Engineer – someone who can perform highly specialized professional project engineering duties which are advanced and varied in nature. The primary responsibility of this role is to take ownership of a product line (such as design) and run qualification testing of new iterations to industry standards, creating documentation package of end item requirements to allow production manufacturing. In this role, you will primarily interface with sales engineering, customers and manufacturing engineering.
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Five Things You Can't Google About This Role

Why you're right for this job: You've got a few years under the belt in project engineering experience, but now you're ready to take it up a notch and move into a senior role.
Skills to show off in the interview: We need someone with a focus in material science of metals, so be sure to tell us all about your knowledgebase in this specialty.
The buck stops with you: Making sure our products are properly engineered.
It's not all trial and error: You'll be doing a lot of testing and resolving, but we also need someone who can do research and bring new ideas they find to the table.
Wise words to live by: "Make it work." – Tim Gunn

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Job Duties & Responsibilities
  • Responsible for advanced and varied project engineering assignments to resolve problems, develop engineering concepts, and determine testing projects
  • Performs applied research during engineering phase for a standard product line, related new product or components thereof. May assist in preliminary design of company products and their components
  • Exercises discretion and independent judgment to determine theoretical bases or principles which should apply
  • Exercises analytical, design or experimental procedures required to complete engineering projects for standard product line or related new product where wide application of knowledge is required in a specific engineering field
  • Plans for resolution of design, test, reliability, dynamics, and weight or related engineering problems during product development phase for engineering project. Devises, plans or directs tests to study or determine new product and component characteristics under variable dynamic loads and environmental conditions
  • Makes contacts primarily within Engineering department to coordinate engineering problems, testing projects, design development and applied research for standard product line or new products, or to establish project engineering criteria for use by other groups

Skills & Qualifications
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering
  • 5 years minimum experience as Project Engineer
  • Strength of material or finite element analysis background (ANSYS)
  • Material science of metals or metallurgy background
  • Demonstrated design or invention experience; responsible for patents, etc.
  • Aerospace standards and product validation and qualification testing
  • Solidworks CAD experience preferred

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