Service Coordinator (RN)

Category : Healthcare
Location/City : TX - Houston
Id : 35320

We are searching for a Service Coordinator – someone who works well in a fast-paced setting. In this position, you'll support excellence in clinical practice and the care of patients in accordance with their developmental stages. The Service Coordinator will help in the daily operations of the service by assisting the Managers by promoting the development of other nursing professionals, demonstrating clinical expertise, and implementation of the departmental standards of nursing practice.
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Job Duties & Responsibilities
  • Collects data from patient, family, laboratory, and other medical reports according to guidelines as documented on the Preoperative/Holding Area Assessment form •
  • Completes nursing assessment of the patient/family including biological, psychological, age appropriate developmental, environmental, cultural, and spiritual needs in an organized and systematic manner as documented on the Preoperative/Holding Area Assessment and Intraoperative Nursing Record as observed by the supervisor?
  • Coordinates, analyzes, and reviews surgical procedures as observed by the supervisor •
  • Documents assessment including patient needs or other clinical judgements according to Operating Room Standards of Practice and Protocols (AORN Standards)?
  • Facilitates the coordination of the surgical team (Scrub Nurse, Surgeon, and Anesthesiologist) as documented on the Intraoperative Nursing Record
  • Demonstrates the ability to perform generic and unit-based/critical competencies including age appropriate care as observed by supervisor, Service Coordinator, and Charge RN
  • Provides care consistent with AORN Standards of Practice and Departmental/Hospital policies and procedures with consideration given to Risk Management/Infection Control Practices as observed by supervisor
  • Formulates, implements, and documents individual teaching plans based on patient/family assessment as observed by supervisor
  • Positions and handles child based on an understanding of developmental age
  • Communicates appropriately with each developmental age group and their family
  • Demonstrates patient advocacy as evidenced in response to patient care issues and collaboration with the health care team

Skills & Requirements
  • Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, preferred
  • Current permit of registration with the Board of Nurse Examiners for the State of Texas
  • Two (2) years of operating room experience
  • The ability to demonstrate and perform generic and unit-based competencies including the specific care of age and diagnosis appropriate patients
  • Demonstrate positive interpersonal skills
  • Utilize time and resources in a cost effective manner
  • Demonstrate flexibility; demonstrate good verbal and written communication skills
  • Delegation, operates various medical/surgical equipment
  • Utilize a personal computer to include word processing and basic office equipment
  • Demonstrated competence in the service
  • Knowledge of nursing functions, basic anatomy and physiology, and surgical procedures

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