Shannon Russo, CEO of @KinetixHR on Silver Lining In The Cloud Radio [PODCAST]

Shannon Russo, Kinetix HR[1]Why is coaching so hard? It seems easy enough when your golf instructor tells you to point your hips this way to help with your slice, or when your basketball coach tells you to get in the passing lane so you can get a hand on the ball. But when it comes to coaching in the workplace, something inevitably changes and it becomes… hard. Sticky. Complicated. And… there’s a lot of reasons for that.

Our very own Shannon Russo talks about these “sidetracks” that inhibit us from taking advantage of coaching opportunities at work. She’ll also give you 6 simple steps to make coaching easy—whether you’re a first-time manager or an established leader in your field.

Listen to the show here, and hit us up if you want to learn more about our 2-minute coaching tool. You can also download our whitepaper, Please Shut Up to find out why, at times, staying quiet can help your team be more successful.


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