Tech Support

Category : Information Technology
Location/City : GA - Atlanta
Id : 42227

We're seeking a B2B technical support extraordinaire that executes with B2C flair. What's that mean exactly? It means that you are the best in your class, consistently going above and beyond the norm to deliver top-notch service to customers (and doing it with a smile on your face and glint of Barry White in your voice). The ideal candidate for this role will possess exceptional verbal and written communication skills, with particular focus on grammar and spelling. In other words, you need to be able to walk the walk, talk the talk and put in an easy to read email when you're done.
4 Things You Can't Google About This Gig

Why you want this gig: Because rocking the casbah is starting to get a little old.
Potential Hazard: People often confuse the button our vending machine labeled "fuel" with and off-brand version of Red Bull. We really need to get that fixed.
Always BCC this person when you send an email: Luke Skywalker. May the force be with your technical wisdom.
What your customers will say about you: That was easy! Customers are so impressed by your precision and ability to deliver top-notch technical support that they ask for you by name, and wait for you to finish your lunch.

For Those of You That Can't Live Without a Bulleted List
Job Duties & Responsibilities
  • Team with others in customer support to answer and process customer calls, emails and faxes effectively and efficiently
  • Utilize logging tools to accurately document conversations or correspondences throughout each customer interaction
  • Follow proper troubleshooting steps, ask clarifying questions, discover underlying causes of concern and escalate as appropriate
  • Maintain call ownership and provide regular and continuing communications with customers until resolutions are reached
  • Demonstrate a sense of urgency to queues and customers
  • Employ knowledge, skills and abilities to maximize single call resolution measurements
  • Prioritize time to complete assigned tasks while maintaining a focus on productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Use established methodologies and documented procedures to perform tasks
  • Keep management informed of issues and status
  • Present a professional and pleasant image of the product and company
  • Other duties as assigned

Skills & Qualifications
  • Microsoft Office and Windows experience
  • A+ Certification (not required, but definitely a plus)
  • 3+ years of recent call center experience (must be reflected in your resume)
  • Technical support experience, either through education or work
  • Excellent verbal and writer communications skills, exceptional spelling and grammar is a must
  • Super customer services skills, with the ability to articulate clearly and conduct oral presentations/instructions via the telephone
  • Quick learner with the passion to develop new skills
  • A fan of Kung Fu and Martial Arts movies (optional, but definitely a plus)


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