Threadroll Operators

Category : Manufacturing
Location/City : CA - Santa Ana
Id : 38469

We are looking for a Set-Up Stem Threadroll Operator guru to join our team. As our Stem Thread roll - guru, you will be responsible for setting up and operating cold rolling machine to thread parts according to specifications.
Think you've got what it takes?
Five Things Our Employee Handbook Won't Tell You

The buck stops with you: Reviewing work orders and setting-up machine according to blueprint specifications
Keep walking if: You can't operate a Thread roll Machine.
Fringe benefit: You have the skill of balancing figures.
Nerd Alert: You will be responsible for reading all MSDS' and possesses thorough knowledge of all oil and chemical labeling and storage requirements.
It's not all puppies and rainbows: You must comply with all environmental safe practices and regulations.

Because Life is Better With Bullet Points

Job Duties & Responsibilities

Maintains top 20% productivity within focused-factory
Sets up and runs thread roll machine, cold rolling part to specifications
Insures that product/part conforms to all required specifications
Maintains a clean and safe work area
Maintains preventive maintenance
Performs other related duties as assigned or requested
Skills & Qualifications

High school or equivalent
5-7 years related experience
Certification on at least two different Thread roll production machines and two different parts within the same focused- factory
25% reduction in set-up time on primary assessment
Reads blueprint
Enters data into computer program
Performs inspection: Visual and manual
Uses computer software: for Production Reports
Thorough knowledge of measurement skills
Uses Inspection equipment: Comparator, micrometers, Gauge

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