Introducing HR Horror Stories

by Emily Kocoloski
October 11, 2018
Introducing HR Horror Stories

The recently coined spooky season is here and at Kinetix, we are REALLY getting in the spirit. Last Halloween we brought your recruiting fears to life with our Hiring Horror Stories and this time around we want to kick it up a notch.

So grab your organization’s handbook and gather ’round the campfire – because we are introducing HR Horror Stories! That’s right – we want to hear the most awkward, blood-curdling tales haunting HR pros across the nation.

Let’s set some ground rules talent industry guys and ghouls:

  1. The stories are real, but the names are not – AKA source and situational anonymity will be honored
  2. Believe us, we want all of the chilling details, but try to give us the king-sized candy bar version without breaking 300 words
  3. The portal closes at the stroke of midnight on Tuesday, October 30th, so get your submissions in by then!

If your messenger owl is on PTO don’t stress, we will be accepting submissions via email at

We look forward to being pleasantly possessed by your HR horror story!



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