Recruiting: The Race to the Finish – Part Two

by Al Hill
November 14, 2016
Recruiting: The Race to the Finish – Part Two

If you are just tuning in, this is the second installment of Recruiting: The Race to the Finish. To read the 1st installment click here.

In the standard recruiting process, you discover, research and apply. We already talked about step 1 and you are ready for step 2: Because we aren’t a standard recruiting firm we are breaking it down like you would a 5K.

Research is mile 2. In a 5k at mile 2 you have either decided if you are still in the race or not. Your thoughts are racing on whether you should push it or if you just ride it out.

We don’t ride it out here at Kinetix.

This step in recruiting is all about researching how to get your candidate to mile 3. You’ve hooked the right candidates, but how do you get them into your bucket.

Like mile 2 in a 5K, you are going to delve into the candidate’s brain and push them to make the leap. What motivates them? Why did they take your call? Why did they take your LinkedIn request? These are the questions you ask. You learn about them to entice them to push through their doubts, fight their inner voice telling them they are comfortable where they are and push them outside their comfort zone.

Mile 2 is defeating your inner demons to push the pace and fight for that good finish. Mile 2 is where mentally you can lose. Your legs are tired, your breath has gotten heavier and your heart is racing. What do you do? Shut the voice off and go. You are almost there.

Recruiting at the research level is where you can lose the good candidates if you don’t push it. Create relationships that matter with your candidates, even if there are 15 of them. Let them think they are number 1.

Mile 3 is around the corner and its game time. It’s who you bring with you to mile 3 is going to determine if you can finish strong.

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