Recruiting: The Race To The Finish

by Al Hill
November 7, 2016
Recruiting: The Race To The Finish

In the recruiting industry you can break down the process of attracting candidates to your open position into three simple steps:

1.       Discovery

2.       Research

3.       Apply

Discovery is the first step: the step where candidates find that your position is available.  This is also when you have to discover how you’re going to find the best candidates for your open position.

In case you aren’t a runner, a 5k’s first mile is when you are getting a taste for how you feel and discovering how you are going to get to the finish.  How’d you start the race? Pulling a 5:50 when you meant to go out at 6:15? Pulling a 6:50 when you were supposed to hit 6:15? You have a goal remember. Went too fast? Too slow? You know you have your initial goal in your head that you set from the beginning of the race. Go get it. This first mile is so essential to how you’ll finish.

You may ask what this has to do with recruiting? It doesn’t.

But in the recruiting world discovery is the time in the race when you’re brainstorming how you will get the job and yourself in front of the right candidates. At this point you have had your intake call with the hiring managers. They have given you the do’s and the don’ts, the job responsibilities:  the ideal candidate profile. This is your goal – now you have to go get it.  What is your approach from the beginning? Are you going too quickly and over saturating the market? Is your market not susceptible to your position? How are you finding candidates – Cold calls? Job boards? Old fashion sourcing on LinkedIn? New world sourcing via Twitter? #somethingsgottagive These are the questions you must ask yourself to determine your race to the finish.

Once you answer these questions, nailed down an approach and have a game plan for the rest of your race – then mile 1 looks like you are right on pace. Mile 2 is next and us runners know that this is the time when you win or lose.

Stay tuned for the next installment of: The Race to the Finish.

Al Hill

Alexandra Hill is the Account Mananger at Kinetix specializing in social media recruitment marketing and account management. You can call her Al though. She specializes in making our clients brands more visible within the digital landscape. Her passions include creating fresh ideas and bringing them to life. Al’s’ superpowers include interpersonal connection, strategy, client consultation, graphic design, website editing, content writing, content creation and social media marketing!

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