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That’s what we want for YOU.

Kinetix is a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) firm for growth companies. Your company is good at what you do – and you know it. Otherwise you wouldn’t be growing while your competitors are looking for cheap office space in the “warehouse district” – or whatever they named it to make people forget the neighborhood crime rate.

But you also know you can’t hire good people fast enough to keep up with your growth. That’s why you’re here. Kinetix is the best in the country at hiring great people, fast, and we want to play for your team.

Kinetix was founded in 1990 and we’re headquartered in a little pocket of growth we like to call the ATL (Atlanta). But, like ZZ Top once said, we’re nationwide. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients from coast to coast and have filled tens of thousands of positions, from security guards to CFOs. Every person on your team is critical to the success of your business. You keep bringing the jams and we’ll keep you flush with fresh talent.

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Do you have what it takes to work at Kinetix?

Kinetix Ferris Singing


Pop culture is in our blood at Kinetix. Meaning we have office names like Tommy Boy, Boiler Room, and Hug It Out. It’s also in the language you’ll find in our job descriptions, art on the office walls, and content we crank out as part of our recruitment marketing strategy.

Kinetix Lockers


We’ve got an open work environment to harness the buzz and activity of our recruiters on the floor. Visualize a sleek, modern kitchen with eat-in booths, flat screens on the walls, and beer in the fridge. We’re like a cool IT startup without the whole “IT startup” thing.

Kinetix Smart Phone


We believe in using contemporary tools (think Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) to find the best talent. What’s more real time and current than social media? Get on board or we’ll make fun of you if you don’t have at least 300 new followers by week 4.

Kinetix Coffee Cup


Like espresso? Come make a cappuccino on us. Double shot if it’s Monday. If that’s not your thing, you’re more than welcome to grab any variety of our fully stocked herbal teas, K-Cups, or – if you’re into the classics – pour some Folgers from the commercial grade coffee pot.

Kinetix Ari Gold


We’re like the Ari Gold of the recruiting industry… we want the best people and we want the best for our people. Plus, the connections our folks have are mind-blowing. Like Visa, Kinetix is everywhere you want to be. Get ready for your career to blow up.

Kinetix Light Bulb


You’ll get access to a killer library of thought leadership articles, authored by one of the managing partners. His brain has been picked and prodded so much over the years that his thoughts just fall out in the form of stylized PDFs, for your disposal.

Kinetix Ping Pong Paddles


Even if you’re not into ping-pong, you’ll get into the spirit of our competitive games when you see the team hit the table. First one to 21 owes us Friday lunch for a month. We’ve also got cornhole, if you’re more low-key. Once a year, we play these games and many more when the office teams compete for wonderful prizes and bragging rights in our world-renown “Office Olympix”.

Kinetix Turntable


Otherwise known as an integrated services platform composed of Total RPO, Staffing & Recruiting, and HR Consulting. Those big 3 services allow us to mix the solutions our clients need like the DJ at your favorite club. Or your kid’s favorite club. Or your grandkid’s favorite club. Just know there’s a DJ in a club.

Kinetix Sauce Bottle


We’ve got a CEO who doesn’t sleep, recruiters who are relentlessly motivated to hunt purple squirrels, leaders in the space who keep us on our toes, a perfect mix of big and small backgrounds on our team, and that one spicy ingredient we can’t tell you because then we’d have to kill you. Bottle it up and you’ve got Kinetix.