How Kinetix RPO Meets Healthcare’s Most Diverse Hiring Needs

By partnering with Kinetix, healthcare organizations can ensure they are poised to meet any hiring challenge, no matter the scale or specificity.

Single Role Recruitment

Ideal For: Organizations looking to fill a specialized or high-valie position.


RPO Advantage: With a vast network of candidates and specialized knowledge of healthcare roles, Kinetix can identify and engage the perfect fit for singular, critical vacancies, ensuring organizations benefit from the best talent in specific fields.

Large Scale Hiring Projects

Ideal For: Hospital chains, new medical facilities, or institutions expanding their services.


RPO Advantage: RPO is designed to scale. Whether you need to hire a hundred nurses or a full staff for a new clinic, we can manage bulk hiring without compromising quality, ensuring quick fills with top candidates.

Temporary & Locum Staffing

Ideal For: Seasonal demands, filling in for leaves of absence, or managing a sudden influx of patients.


RPO Advantage: With a finger on the pulse of available talent pools, we can rapidly source and place temporary staff, ensuring uninterrupted patient care.

MedSurg Recruiting

Ideal For: Hospitals and medical facilities that need all-around, versatile nurses capable of handling a diverse patient population in varied units.


RPO Advantage: Kinetix can efficiently identify and recruit MedSurg roles, ensuring that healthcare institutions have a steady flow of these critical nurses who are foundational in patient care and hospital operations.

Specialized Hiring

Ideal For: Roles requiring unique qualifications, such as research positions, specialized surgeons, or emerging medical technology experts.


RPO Advantage: Leveraging healthcare industry knowledge and vast networks, we can pinpoint and attract niche talent that may be hard to find through traditional channels.

Crisis & Surge Hiring

Ideal For: Unexpected situations, like pandemics or natural disasters, where there's an immediate surge in hiring needs.


RPO Advantage: Kinetix is built to adapt quickly. We can pivot our resources and strategies to cater to surge hiring, ensuring healthcare institutions are staffed to handle crises.

Healthcare RPO Solutions Vs. Traditional Staffing

Traditional Staffing Agency RPO
Primary Objective
Fill individual job vacancies
Holistic talent acquisition strategy
Service Scope
Limited to sourcing & placement
Full-cycle recruitment & talent strategy
Standardized services
Highly customizable to client's needs
Pricing Model
Fee per placement
Often based on project, time, or hires
Recruitment Volume
Typically for individual positions
Can handle large-scale hiring projects
Can be short-term, long-term, or ongoing
Client Relationship
Strategic partnership
Recruitment Technology
Limited use
Often includes advanced recruitment tech
Brand Integration
Minimal brand integration
Deep integration with client's employer brand
Process Integration
Separate from client's process
Integrated with or replaces client's process
Analytics & Reporting
Comprehensive, with regular updates
Talent Pool Management
Not commonly maintained
Ongoing talent pool cultivation
Market Research
Limited to available candidates
In-depth market research & talent mapping
Strategic Advisory
Often includes consulting on talent strategy
Candidate Experience
Managed by agency, separate experience
Integrated, consistent candidate experience

Who is Kinetix?

Meet the strategic recruiting firm offering tailored IT hiring solutions.

What We Do

Kinetix is a strategic recruiting partner with one goal: To keep your company's growth protected by limiting talent acquisition hurdles and risks within your budget.

We offer tailored and strategic service models that include total Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Direct Hire, Contract Staffing, and Talent Consulting for all company sizes and industries. Our talent acquisition specialists serve as your brand ambassadors, attracting and engaging top talent on your behalf.

This empowers you to focus on your business's growth and success, free from concerns about recruitment-related obstacles.

 Case Study 

535 Roles in 4 Months

Our Success in Healthcare Hiring

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The Situation

Our client saw their internal team drowning in their 1200+ open requisitions and needed help fast. We worked with their internal team and their hiring managers, acting as the client on the client’s behalf to get candidates in their funnel ASAP. Together, we set up the launch timeline and goals for Kinetix to meet: over their first 4 months of the partnership, Kinetix would fill 445 jobs. 

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Our Solution

We seamlessly integrated our team, overcoming hesitance through proven dedication. Our Account Manager ensured transparent communication and implored our recruiters to actively participate in weekly client huddles. This allowed us to address challenges innovatively, including strategies like round robin interviews outside regular hours. We became an integral part of the client's workforce, achieving impactful results swiftly.

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The Outcome

We surpassed the goal and filled 535 roles in 4 months!

The Flavors of Kinetix

Our Services

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Recruiting Partnerships

Think of us as your end-to-end internal recruiters, from opening positions with your hiring managers to marketing roles and overseeing the internal process until an offer is extended. Our talent acquisition specialists excel in finding top talent, representing your brand, and seamlessly integrating into your team. Whether outsourcing the entire recruitment function or tackling a specific project, we ensure swift achievement of growth goals with reduced costs compared to traditional methods.

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Direct Hire | Staffing

Choose from our comprehensive RPO solutions or pick à la carte options tailored to your preferences. We have a range of search options customized to your taste and budget: Executive Retained Search, Contingent Search, and Contract Staffing. Our talent acquisition specialists, well-versed in various industries and specialties, ensure top candidates are secured with the same dedication and marketing approach.

The Value Add

How we do it

Agency Capabilities for Talent Marketplace Competitiveness
  •  Unique recruiting approach to enhance candidate appeal. 
  • Capability to introduce new tools for effective talent acquisition.
Innovative Tools for Transformative Talent Acquisition
  • RPO services that go beyond conventional recruitment processes.
  • Introduction of competency-building tools like Talent DNA and Area Code Hiring.
Commitment to Your Employer Brand
  • Recognition of the crucial role employer brand consistency plays in the recruitment process.
  • Understanding the impact of brand representation throughout the entire hiring journey.

What Sets Kinetix Apart From Other Healthcare Recruiters

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Specialized Healthcare Recruitment

Our healthcare recruiters will become an extension of your internal recruiting team to coordinate with your hiring managers and partner with your human resources department. Our dedicated recruiters may also join your weekly calls, set meetings on initiatives, and lead professional intake meetings.

Healthcare Talent DNA

Top healthcare recruiting firms come with powerful recruiting technology tools.  And as one of the best staffing agencies for healthcare, we'll give you access to an assessment platform called Talent DNA. This tool will help you evaluate job seekers in various areas, such as cognitive skills, rules orientation, "faking good," and more. And you can use this information to ensure candidates are a great fit.

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Area Code Hiring Cheat Sheet

As a top staffing agency for healthcare, we'll give you access to the Area Code Hiring tool, which provides a breakdown of each candidate. This tool simplifies everything to help you focus on what matters most when it comes to hiring quality candidates. That means you can hire faster with confidence in your decisions.

Intelligent Insights & Reporting

Transparent healthcare RPO companies make certain you’re satisfied with the recruiting process. And as one of the top healthcare recruiting firms in the industry, we'll give you access to transparent, insightful reports, such as data on funnel ratios, sub-to-hire, interview-to-offer, and offer-to-start. You’ll know about the candidate experience and employee turnover rates, plus receive reports on cycle time (by step) and response time. 

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Personalized Talent Consulting

Healthcare Talent Management

We're a healthcare recruitment firm that can assist with your entire talent acquisition process. This includes conducting an employer value proposition (EVP) study to better understand what potential hires value in potential employers. This may also include helping you improve the employer brand and marketing strategy to attract quality candidates.

Tailored Resources for HR Teams

Healthcare RPO companies — like Kinetix — may assist with your human resources (HR) strategy and process design. And since we're one of the top healthcare recruiting firms in the industry, we can also help assess and analyze your employee life cycle engagement to develop and implement a strategy to improve employee retention rates. 

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How We Partner Up

Our services aren't just comprehensive—they're customizable.

While we're renowned for our Full Cycle RPO prowess, we recognize that one size doesn't fit all in the diverse landscape of healthcare recruitment. 

Whether you're in need of comprehensive recruitment management from start to finish or specific segments of the hiring process, we've got you covered. 

We excel in scaling our services up to accommodate extensive recruitment drives and scaling down for more specialized or focused hiring needs.

For clients keen on a direct hiring approach, we also offer expertise in direct hire staffing. No matter the size or specificity of your hiring challenge, Kinetix crafts a partnership tailored to your unique needs, ensuring you always have the right talent at the right time.

Fill All Of Your Open Healthcare Roles Fast


Clinical Roles

  • Registered Nurses (RNs)
  • Nurse Practitioners (NPs)
  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)
  • Physician Assistants (PAs)
  • Physicians (across various specialties)
  • Radiologic Technologists

Allied Health Professionals

  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Respiratory Therapists
  • Medical Lab Technologists
  • Speech-Language Pathologists

Medical Administration

  • Medical Assistants
  • Medical Office Managers
  • Health Information Technicians
  • Medical Coders and Billers
  • Medical Secretaries

Pharmaceutical & Lab Roles

  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacy Technicians
  • Clinical Research Associates
  • Lab Assistants

Therapists & Counselors

  • Behavioral Health Counselors
  • Genetic Counselors
  • Dietitians and Nutritionists
  • Substance Abuse Counselors

Healthcare IT & Technology

  • Health Informatics Specialists
  • Medical Software Engineers
  • Telemedicine Coordinators
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) Specialists

Leadership, Mgmt, Execs

  • Hospital Administrators
  • Clinical Directors
  • Healthcare Consultants
  • Health Services Managers
  • Chief Medical Officers (CMO)
  • Chief Nursing Officers (CNO)

What Sets Kinetix Apart From Other Healthcare Recruiters

What is Healthcare RPO?

Healthcare RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) refers to outsourcing the recruitment process, either in part or entirely, to an external agency specializing in the healthcare sector.

How does RPO differ from traditional healthcare staffing agencies?

Unlike traditional staffing agencies that focus on filling individual roles, RPOs offer a comprehensive, strategic approach to recruitment, which can encompass everything from employer branding to onboarding.

Why would a healthcare organization choose RPO over in-house recruitment?

RPOs provide scalability, advanced recruitment technologies, market insights, and cost-effectiveness that can be challenging to achieve with in-house teams alone.

How does RPO enhance the quality of healthcare hires?

RPOs leverage advanced recruitment tools, industry-specific knowledge, and vast talent networks, ensuring healthcare organizations access top-tier talent that aligns with their requirements and culture.

Can RPO services be customized based on the unique needs of a healthcare facility?

Absolutely! RPOs, especially those with a focus on healthcare, can tailor their services to align with specific hiring needs, whether that's large-scale recruitment drives or niche role fillings.

Does RPO integrate with existing HR and recruitment technologies in a healthcare organization?

Most RPOs are equipped to integrate seamlessly with existing HR and recruitment systems, ensuring a smooth transition and operation.

What's the ROI of employing an RPO for healthcare recruitment?

While specifics can vary, RPO often results in a more streamlined recruitment process, quicker time-to-fill metrics, reduced turnover rates, and cost savings, all contributing to a positive ROI.

What are the different types of RPO models, and how do they cater to varying recruitment needs in healthcare?

RPO models can be categorized based on the scope of services and duration. Some common models include:

  • Enterprise RPO: This involves outsourcing the entire recruitment function. It's ideal for healthcare organizations looking for a complete revamp or optimization of their recruitment process.
  • Project RPO: This is a time-bound model focused on specific recruitment drives or initiatives. It's suitable for healthcare institutions with seasonal hiring needs or those opening new departments or facilities.
  • On-Demand RPO: Offers recruitment support as and when needed, without a long-term commitment. It's perfect for healthcare entities with fluctuating hiring needs.
  • Hybrid RPO: A combination of in-house and outsourced recruitment, often chosen by healthcare organizations wanting to retain certain recruitment functions internally while outsourcing others.

The choice of RPO model often depends on the volume of hiring, internal resources, budget, and specific recruitment challenges faced by the healthcare organization.

See what our clients have to say

"Lee Health’s partnership with Kinetix has been exceptional.  We engaged them when additional resources were needed during a period when staffing demands outweighed internal capacity (i.e., high vacancy rate, contract labor, unreasonable recruiter to open requisition ratio, hospital growth/expansion).  Kinetix supplemented our nurse recruitment team in filling positions.

Thanks to their assistance, we were able to better level load requisitions per recruiter, source additional talent and reduce bedside RN vacancies.  Their commitment to our success made a substantial impact which resulted in ​397 positions filled by Kinetix (2019 – 2023). Kinetix is a trusted, professional, and efficient recruitment partner."

Kristy Rigot, System Director Human Resources
Lee Health

"Kinetix was able to bring in professional recruiters all at once and ramp up very quickly... If you have a lot of jobs to fill, you need to fill them quickly, and you don't want to take the risk and invest the time of doing so internally, an RPO [partnership] is for you."

Jim Bennett Vice President of Human Resources

"To accomplish what we have, in the midst of the challenges of the last few years, is a testament to the people who work here, which includes the people who recruit here: Kinetix"

Vice President of Human Resources
#2 Children's Hospital in the US

"We feel so strongly about our partnership – we cannot imagine not having Kinetix as a partner over the last couple of years. We would be in a different position. When talking to colleagues, they couldn't flex fast enough, they couldn't find the 200 graduate nurses because they didn't have the capacity internally, but we did. We are incredibly grateful for this partnership and that we are able to deliver on our mission in a huge way, and everyone at Kinetix deserves credit for that."

Executive Leader
#2 Children's Hospital in the US

"Recruiting healthcare talent is harder than ever. When I landed in my new HR leadership role at Compassus, I turned to the Kinetix RPO team for a smart recruiting partnership. Their recruiting expertise, understanding of our culture, and ability to recruit under our brand contributed greatly to our success. Our year-long RPO project with Kinetix was a great interim solution as I determined my long-term strategy and grew my internal recruiting team."

SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer at Compassus

"I have to say I’m quite happy so far. Our new hire you brought us has been very complimentary, and other leaders in my area have been very impressed. I’m excited about our partnership and work together to come!"

Hiring Manager
North GA Hospital System



The hiring process can be resource intensive. If you need assistance with your healthcare recruitment process, consider a healthcare recruitment firm like Kinetix. At Kinetix, we can match you with a talent acquisition team of healthcare recruiters with the best recruiting technology tools and services in the industry. Our healthcare recruiters can provide your healthcare organization with appropriate staffing for top-notch patient care — and save you money.

Whatever your staffing needs, Kinetix is adaptable. We're the RPO partner you need with a customized, flexible solution.

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