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Recruitment & Consulting Areas We Specialize In


Kinetix means growth in motion; it’s a play on the idea of kinetic energy or energy that creates a change. When we started, we wanted to move companies forward by providing the talent they needed to succeed, and we wanted to help inspire change in people by giving them an opportunity to take on a new career. Kinetix is the best in the country at hiring great people, fast, and we want to play for your team.

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Full Cycle RPO

Kinetix's RPO services offer unmatched adaptability and cost-saving advantages, with customizable features to meet your on-demand recruitment needs efficiently.

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Recruitment as a Service (RaaS)

Designed for businesses experiencing fluctuating hiring needs, RaaS provides the ultimate flexibility and scalability, adjusting to your recruitment volume in real time.

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Our direct-hire recruiting approach transcends traditional staffing norms, bringing you qualified candidates that match your most unique needs. 

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Talent Management Consulting

Beyond recruitment, we enhance employer branding and optimize candidate and employee experiences, aiming to reduce churn and foster a positive organizational culture.

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Why Choose Kinetix?

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Speed Matters

In the fast-paced business world, timing is everything. Kinetix's recruitment strategies are designed for speed without sacrificing quality. We ensure that your hiring process moves swiftly, connecting you with the right candidates faster than you can grow.

Specialized Recruitment Expertise

Our team comprises dedicated, specialized RPO recruiters with industry-specific knowledge and expertise. This guarantees a deep understanding of your hiring needs, enabling us to source candidates who not only meet but exceed your expectations.

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Comprehensive & Customized Services

From Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to Direct Hire and Recruitment as a Service (RaaS), Kinetix offers a broad spectrum of recruitment solutions. Our services are highly customizable, ensuring that we can adapt to your specific needs, objectives, and budget constraints.

Scalability Is In Our DNA

Whether you're looking to ramp up your team due to rapid growth or need to scale down during slower periods, Kinetix's services are designed to flex with your business's changing recruitment needs.

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Improved Quality of Hires

Utilizing proprietary technology and assessment methods, we focus on matching skill-fit as well as ensuring candidates align with your cultural and organizational values. This approach elevates the quality of your hires, contributing to long-term success and reduced turnover.

We Go Beyond Recruiting

Beyond connecting you with top talent, you gain access to expert advice on creating an engaging work environment that supports your team's growth and retention, ensuring long-term organizational success.

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See what our clients have to say

"Lee Health’s partnership with Kinetix has been exceptional.  We engaged them when additional resources were needed during a period when staffing demands outweighed internal capacity (i.e., high vacancy rate, contract labor, unreasonable recruiter to open requisition ratio, hospital growth/expansion).  Kinetix supplemented our nurse recruitment team in filling positions.

Thanks to their assistance, we were able to better level load requisitions per recruiter, source additional talent and reduce bedside RN vacancies.  Their commitment to our success made a substantial impact which resulted in ​397 positions filled by Kinetix (2019 – 2023). Kinetix is a trusted, professional, and efficient recruitment partner."

Kristy Rigot, System Director Human Resources
Lee Health

"Kinetix was able to bring in professional recruiters all at once and ramp up very quickly... If you have a lot of jobs to fill, you need to fill them quickly, and you don't want to take the risk and invest the time of doing so internally, an RPO [partnership] is for you."

Jim Bennett Vice President of Human Resources

"To accomplish what we have, in the midst of the challenges of the last few years, is a testament to the people who work here, which includes the people who recruit here: Kinetix"

Vice President of Human Resources
#2 Children's Hospital in the US

"We feel so strongly about our partnership – we cannot imagine not having Kinetix as a partner over the last couple of years. We would be in a different position. When talking to colleagues, they couldn't flex fast enough, they couldn't find the 200 graduate nurses because they didn't have the capacity internally, but we did. We are incredibly grateful for this partnership and that we are able to deliver on our mission in a huge way, and everyone at Kinetix deserves credit for that."

Executive Leader
#2 Children's Hospital in the US

"Recruiting healthcare talent is harder than ever. When I landed in my new HR leadership role at Compassus, I turned to the Kinetix RPO team for a smart recruiting partnership. Their recruiting expertise, understanding of our culture, and ability to recruit under our brand contributed greatly to our success. Our year-long RPO project with Kinetix was a great interim solution as I determined my long-term strategy and grew my internal recruiting team."

SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer at Compassus

"I have to say I’m quite happy so far. Our new hire you brought us has been very complimentary, and other leaders in my area have been very impressed. I’m excited about our partnership and work together to come!"

Hiring Manager
North GA Hospital System