ATLANTA – Kinetix, the recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) firm for growth companies, in its first year of participation, was honored with first place in mid-sized deals on the HRO Today 2018 Baker’s Dozen for RPO. Kinetix was also recognized as one of only six companies who truly provide healthcare RPO.

When announcing the results, Elliott Clark, HRO Today CEO, noted “Congratulations to Kinetix on their excellent performance. This is their first occurrence on the published list, and they had a great survey year.” Regarding their inclusion on the healthcare RPO list, he added “These are the very best healthcare RPO firms in the world, and while hundreds of firms claim they provide healthcare RPO, if you have a major deal these are the ones you should pick from.”

HRO Today’s annual survey is based solely on feedback from buyers of the rated services, focusing on current customers of those companies. It’s the largest customer satisfaction study in the HR trade media. The survey analyzes three categories of service – breadth of service, size of deal, and quality. Each of these factors is weighted into a total score. Surveys outside the normal distribution are discarded.

“Honestly, I don’t think we could have done better than first place in mid-sized deals in our first year,” exulted Kinetix CEO Shannon Russo. “And topping the quality scores for the category accentuates our focus on the type of client we can serve best – the mid-sized high-growth organization. We’ve built a very effective model for serving this population.”

According to HRO Today, mid-sized deals range from a few hundred to a few thousand positions per year. Kinetix leading the quality scores for this size range shows the breadth and depth of its ability to serve a wide range of market players with continual quality.