Kinetix helps clients maximize their Talent Attraction + Retention potential through our Employer Value Proposition (EVP) consulting process. Most organizations have mission/value statements and attempt to build Employer Brands around broad terminology. Our experience in recruiting tells us candidates have become immune to this type of generalized employment branding. We’ve learned that it’s not what you think that matters—it’s what your employees think.

That reality is why our EVP consulting process is designed to capture true employee sentiment answering a simple question: “What’s in it for me to work at this HCA facility?” As part of our EVP process, we talk to a range of employees across different career levels and departments. Once the interview process is complete, our experts use the interviews to present your facility with three to five EVP themes we recommend become the cornerstones of your employment brand.

The right EVP themes give your facility a sense of authenticity and transparency that positively separates you from your competitors for talent. Using these themes the right way on a careers site and in internal communications results in improved ability to attract talent—and can provide retention benefits as well.

COST: Dependent on size of organization and number of interviews included, it can range from $10,000 to $20,000. Customized pricing is available based on the facility’s needs. EVP

EXAMPLE OF KINETIX SUCCESS IN THIS AREA: Kinetix recently used its EVP consulting process to help a firm streamline its employment brand, resulting in three distinct, transparent themes proven to resonate with candidates and employees alike.



Your organization works hard to get candidates interested in your job openings. The moment of truth is the same for all healthcare facilities: A candidate learns of a job opening at your facility through a job board or aggregator and—boom—they’re either impressed or they’re not. If your careers site isn’t optimized for today’s world, the best candidates (the ones you desperately need) opt to look elsewhere for their next career opportunity.


2At Kinetix, we’ve got years of experience helping clients build a careers site that drives candidate interest and, most importantly, influences them to apply for your open jobs. Engage us to revamp your careers site, and we’ll help you understand and deliver what candidates want most—a sense that they’re getting an uncensored look inside your organization, complete with heavy visuals and topical content around your hardest-to-fill jobs.

We’ll help you build a careers site that generates buzz in your market and set up metrics to help you track the impact your portal has on your recruiting process.

COST: $10,000 (Note: careers site build is included in the premium option of our careers content development/social media service called “Kinetix Buzz.”)

EXAMPLES OF KINETIX SUCCESS IN THIS AREA: Texas Children’s Hospital, Windstream, Guidance Software



Let’s face it—ensuring your careers site stays fresh, and engaging candidates on social media is something that’s been on your list for a long time. We’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news first: You’re not going to have time to do it this year—you’re too busy. The good news? Kinetix Buzz exists to help you with this problem without breaking the bank.

Static careers sites aren’t enough to win in today’s market for talent, so our Kinetix Buzz service delivers fresh content weekly to your careers site as an extended part of your HR/Recruiting team. Our Recruitment Marketing team brainstorms ideas with you and develops a monthly content map, then delivers that content to your careers site with a focus on your hardest-to-recruit-for positions.


But fresh content is only part of the Kinetix Buzz solution. In addition, the Kinetix team uses the Buzz platform to establish your employment brand on social media, establishing social accounts, building your audience, driving traffic to your site and positively influencing candidates to view you as an employer of choice.

COST: Our Good/Better/Best pricing for Kinetix Buzz allows you to choose a service level that meets your needs and budget. Monthly service packages for content and social management are available for $2,500 (Good), $4,500 (Better) and $6,500 (Best) monthly.

EXAMPLES OF KINETIX SUCCESS IN THIS AREA: See summary of hospital client recruitment marketing activity and Windstream presentation at the HR Technology Conference .





Kinetix is a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firm. Clients use our RPO services to outsource their most problematic recruiting challenges. Kinetix RPO recruiters become an extended part of your team/brand, working with hiring managers and handling the recruiting process from posting to selection—and everything in between—for the positions you assign our firm.

We’ve got recruiters specializing in all the major areas of hospital recruiting needs, which means we build customized teams with deep healthcare experience.


4 Our clients typically use Kinetix to focus on particularly problematic recruiting areas—think Critical Care Nurses, Physician’s Assistants, and any other area of need. We build recruiting teams to aggressively source, interview and close candidates your organization doesn’t have the time or expertise to find or focus on.

RPO doesn’t mean you have to outsource your entire recruiting function. Think about the areas where recruiting challenges keep you up at night, then call us to talk about how we would approach the area of challenge.

COST: Variable based on the number of positions you want Kinetix to recruit for, but highly affordable compared to other search strategies. Call us for a customized quote.

EXAMPLES OF KINETIX RPO SUCCESS: 100 Nurses in 100 Days RPO Campaign (We hired 200+ in 100 days!)

Kinetix is a national recruiting and talent management agency dedicated to helping our healthcare clients attract, land and retain the best talent. Contact us today at jkuhns@kinetixhr.com or 770.390.8370 to learn more about how our team can help your facility be the best.