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Consultants are not bad like lawyers.

The best companies in the world use consultants – because they understand the power of expertise. Whatever HR challenge you’re facing, we’ve seen it a hundred times. We can probably name it within 15 minutes of sitting in your office, diagram the solution on a white board, and still have time for a two-martini lunch (you’re invited).

Our consultants are the best, and everyone knows it. We’re talking about people like Dawn Burke here. Maybe you’ve heard of them. And they’re just the tip of a very smart iceberg (like an iceberg with a motor and secret rooms for parties – isn’t that cool to think about?).

Whether you need us for an hour, a week, or 5 years, we’re here for you. HR is our passion, and we love talking shop. We can help you diagnose any HR issue, and, afterward, we’ll do as much or as little heavy lifting as you want us to.

We’ve got a special red phone in our office. When you need help, call us. And then check out a few ways we’ve helped others below.

Recruiting Diagnostic

Not ready for RPO? We’ve helped dozens of companies by evaluating their recruiting practices and identifying the changes that deliver the most ROI.

Leadership Development

We care so much about the art of managing people that we’ve developed our own training series (BOSS). We’ll show your managers how to be who you want them to be.

Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

Candidates are more informed about their options than ever before, so showing them how working for your company will work for them has never been more essential.

Performance Management

We help clients transform their performance process by focusing on coaching, career development and the concept of good vs. great.

Recruitment Marketing Efficiency

Post and Pray is dead. We help our clients understand how to maximize tools like Indeed, SEO, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and more to deliver the best candidates at manageable cost.

Team Development

Your team is a puzzlewe’ll show you how their differences can be appreciated and nurtured into a force that delivers maximum results.

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