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Think of us as your personal agent to millions of candidates.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) works, and it just so happens that we’re better at delivering total RPO than anyone else in the world.

There, we said it.

RPO is a tool used by companies that make a strategic decision to outsource some or all of their recruiting function. When you engage the Kinetix RPO team, our recruiters become part of your team, working with your hiring managers and handling all things talent acquisition from posting to selection – and everything in between – under your company’s brand.

Our recruiters become agents for your company, selling your opportunities to candidates. Our RPO team becomes an agent for your overall brand, helping you with key ingredients like Careers Site/Employment Brand Management, Recruitment Marketing, Talent Assessment Platforms, and more.

Don’t be alarmed by the term “Recruitment Process Outsourcing”. Take a look below and we’ll break down how we do RPO.

Full Cycle RPO

Kinetix RPO recruiters become part of your team, working with hiring managers and handling talent acquisition from posting to selection—and everything in between.

Specialty Recruiters

We’ve got recruiters specializing in all the major functional areas, which means you’ll always get the recruiter with the best chance of nailing each individual search.

World-Class Recruitment Marketing

Our internal recruitment marketing team was created to help our RPO customers maximize the potential of their employment brands, making candidates want to work for you.

TalentDNA Assessment Platform

The Kinetix assessment platform (TalentDNA) helps you evaluate “fit” by measuring your candidate in areas like Cognitive Skills, Rules Orientation, Faking Good and more.

Area Code Hiring

You’ve still got to decide who to hire once the interviews are complete. Our recruiters help you get to the truth by using Area Code Hiring, our exclusive candidate breakdown package.

Deep Reporting

Recruiting is Sales. Our reporting stack is designed to give you a view of the recruiting funnel for every positionvisibility that is key to you being in control.

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