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Looking for the elusive purple squirrel?

Come on. Don’t give up. While rare, the purple squirrel does exist. In the staffing and recruiting industry, the purple squirrel is a phrase we use to describe the perfect candidate. Cynical people often use the phrase in a derogatory manner, as if to imply the perfect candidate doesn’t exist. Well, they probably don’t believe in unicorns either – and we have one in our office.

Sometimes you don’t need RPO – you just need help on a single search. That’s where our Staffing & Recruiting practice comes in. Our recruiters are the best in the country and we’re hungry for action. Give us your craziest search and we’ll nail it.

Our sourcing ninjary (yes, we made that word up) combined with our deep industry experience makes us the best hunters in the country.

Kinetix delivers single search flavors for every taste and budget: Executive Retained Search, Contingent Search, Contract Staffing – seriously, whatever you need.

Hit the features below to find out how we hunt for the perfect match

Specialty Recruiters

We’ve got recruiters specializing in all the major functional areas, which means you’ll always get the recruiter with the best chance of nailing each individual search.

Focused Intake Process

A great hire is the result of a recruiter understanding “the real job.” Our intake process is designed to provide a true snapshot of what’s required for each open position.

Deep Sourcing

It’s not enough to post a job. Our recruiters are hunters, which means they’ll look anywhere and everywhere for the right candidate for your company.

Always Be Closing

Our staffing and recruiting is executed with the understanding that the best candidates have to be sold, and we actively sell your position and company from the first call to the final offer.

Educated Opinions

You need more than a recruiter giving you resumes. That’s why we’ll tell you the good, bad and ugly on every candidate—even if they’re great at what they do.

Deep Reporting

Recruiting is Sales. Our reporting stack is designed to give you a view of the recruiting funnel for every positionvisibility that is key to you being in control.

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